The Night After The Day Of Grace (with intro.)
© 2005
Author: Jeffery Michael Wilhoit
The Night After The Day Of Grace

First Verse
How many times have you heard, heard from God’s Holy Word
That you must look to Jesus and be saved
But you just put it off, you refused to count the cost
Thinking you might come another day

Second Verse
But there’s a night that’s coming, coming without warning
Your priorities won’t look the same
Hope will be forgotten, salvation not an option
What you’d give for one more day of Grace

On the night when you’d give anything to hear the Gospel Story
For one more chance to fall down on your face
Asking for forgiveness from the risen Savior
And rising up to walk a different way
Think about the sunset that will seal your fate
On the night after the day of Grace


Repeat Chorus