Land of the Midnight Sun
© bmi all rights reserved 2009
Author: David Rovics
There’s an old brick building
In front of an empty street
Except for Christiania bicycles
And people walking on their feet
To the north the sky is glowing
The deepest shade of red
It drifts in through the window
And settles on our bed
The horizon won’t tell you
When a new day has begun
In the land of the midnight sun
Pretty mama pushes
A pram on cobblestone
Hardly a car in sight
It’s a pedestrian zone
It’s a place for people
In dreadlocks or in ties
It’s a place for gardens
Beneath the cloudy skies
It’s a place for bright blue eyes
And days so rarely done
In the land of the midnight sun
There’s a river that meanders
Slowly towards the northern sea
Past the village gnomes
Wherever they may be
Past a little farmhouse
Past a dock and all the rest
Where Signe smokes a cigarette
And looks out to the west
A few months ago it was dark
And then the twilight won
In the land of the midnight sun