Pirates of Somalia
© bmi all rights reserved 2009
Author: David Rovics
Let me tell you the story of a hundred ships
Traversing the great big sea
Moving the riches of the world in large ships owned
By the captains of industry
They were heading to places like Amsterdam
London and LA
But they had to change their plans a bit
When they were held up on the way

Here's to the pirates of Somalia
Sailing the ocean blue
Here's to the pirates of Somalia
I'll raise the Jolly Roger to you

Harardhere is a town of fishermen
Living lives of hardship and toil
But today they had a really good catch
Two million barrels of oil
They travel with the Pirate's Handbook
Doing what's just and fair
Taxing the robber barons
And taking their rightful share

There are those who don't like pirates
But I think they're just great
I only wish that I could shake their hands
And say "good job, mate!"
I only wish I could join them on the seas
Bring those tankers to bay
Tax those corporations
And give the loot away