© bmi all rights reserved 2009
Author: David Rovics
I remember when we met
Surrounded by police
It was the one block in the city
Where protest was allowed
And they were there to keep the peace
You said hey my name is Brad
And I think we surely will
Mess up these meetings
These jokers will remember us
In this city on the hill
I’d see you at the rallies
Guitar on your knee
The calm inside the storm
From Prague to San Francisco
Miami to DC
We traveled on the same roads
You were everywhere
With a smile on your face
In the redwood forests
Or the streets of Tompkins Square
I’ll go down to the water
And with the morning dew
I will watch the sun rise
And I’ll smoke this joint for you
I can see you on a bicycle
Reclaiming the street
Digging up the asphalt
To plant a bandit garden
And grow some food to eat
I got an email from Quito
You said you’ve got to see this place
Everyone is rising up
Come and see the future
Of this lovely human race
The last time that I saw you
It was in New York town
Sitting on a rooftop
Talking about relationships
And how to live them down
I heard you went down to Oaxaca
To join the battle that was there
I saw your picture in the paper
With a bullet in your chest
In your eyes a distant stare