burn it down (live - the commons)
© david rovics 2008
Author: david rovics
Rodney Coronado was arrested for a speech

That he gave one evening by the San Diego beach

He stated his opinions, they sounded just like mine

And now they want to put him behind bars til 2029

The prosecutor said the problem was the speech it showed intent

I couldn’t figure out exactly what he meant

You can’t describe an action and say you thought that it was swell

So what’ll happen when we sing this, who the heck can tell


We don’t like the condo (bulldozer, Wal-Mart) and we’re gonna burn it down

Corporate terrorists, drive them out of town

We’ll bring a lot of gasoline, pour it on the floor

Light a match, say a prayer and run right out the door

Burn it down, burn it down, we’re going to burn it down
Burn it down, burn it down, burn it down

Now if you just sang that chorus then you just broke the law

To be an eco-terrorist now you just gotta flap your jaw

And hey who knows by the time you have a chance to blink

Whether you’re a criminal might depend on what you think


Now they come for Rod, maybe next they come for you

And I’ll tell you what I think all of us should do

Sing this song with me, raise your fist and caterwaul

If we fight together they can’t arrest us all


Created March, 2006