Just Wait and See (2009 Recording)
© Try Try Again Propject (TTAP)
Author: To Be Announced

We're on our way, as it's written in the books,
But I have to say, that's not the way it looks.
So be careful what you pay, shun the bait on those hooks.
And on one fine day, you'll taste what I cooks.

Chorus: 'cause I'm bein' what I am, and it's only me.
But I see our ship is comin' in, from the sea.
And I'll just sing my songs, and turn the key.
And we'll be sailing free, just wait and see.

See, I'm satisfied, with the way I look,
Kinda like Kentucky Fried, the recipe is in a book.
But my time I must bide, 'though I swallowed the hook,
And you can tan my hide, if I'm not a good cook.
(Chorus: ....)

Once I went up in smoke, to the mountain top within,
And I took one more toke, tried to see the Light again.
And now I go for broke, and try to have a thick skin,
Kinda like an artichoke, with the heart deep within.
(Chorus: ...)

Well this love I feel, it will never die.
And am I a heel, if my words make you cry?
On an even keel, the wind will make us fly.
This is the real deal, not no pie in the sky.
(Chorus: ...)

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