A River of Freedom - Warrior Farewell (TAPS)
© Jan. 16, 2008
Author: Susan D. Wiseman - "The Tribute Lady"
My deepest appreciation to USAF (Ret) Robert E. Joseph for the use of " A Warrior's Farewell ".

" A Warrior's Farewell " Poem used with permission.

Copyrighted & Written by
USAF (Ret) Robert E. Joseph

" A River of Freedom " - ( Taps )

There's a river ... that floods ... my soul.
And, that ... " River of Freedom "
Carries ... my blood,
And, of those ... throughout all time
Who, for Freedom
Gave their blood ... Laid their lives ... on the line.

Copyright - Jan. 16, 2008
( Would have been my cousin, Guy Lamar Mears, Jr.'s "58" Birthday )
( KIA - Vietnam - Oct. 17, 1970 )

Susan D. Wiseman - " The Tribute Lady "

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" A Warrior's Farewell "

by USAF ( Ret.) Robert E. Joseph

I've heard the crack of rifles
I've heard the Bugle's cry
I've seen the tears flow down the cheeks
Of those who say good-bye...
To their Fallen Warrior

The honor guard's my place to be
To comfort those who mourn
But still the sadness fills my heart
Each time I hear the horn...
For a Fallen Warrior

They fought the wars that kept me free
And now I will repay
To them the honor they deserve
For Taps will end the day...
Of a Fallen Warrior

Honor, respect, and dignity
They earned this much and more
A last salute we give to them
To those who go before...
Our Fallen Warriors

My duty's done, my heart feels right
That I have filled a need
Somewhere a family will recall
A guardsman's caring deed...
To their Fallen Warrior

Tomorrow though it's time again
To hear the bugle's cry
And hear the guns and see the tears
As our nation says good-bye...
To them, Our Fallen Warriors

Copyright 2003
USAF (Ret) Robert E. Joseph

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