6 West-Line 5 - ( Go There For Me ) w/TAPS
© Oct. 2004
Author: Susan D. Wiseman - "The Tribute Lady"
In Loving Memory of my cousin
Guy Lamar Mears
KIA October 17, 1970
Vietnam Casualty

Guy's name's position on The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall is "6 West-Line 5"


(Go There for Me)

Sunrise to sunset line after line,
Thousands of names on a wall,
Stand frozen in time.

Thousands of stories that will never be told,
Thousands of young men and women;
Who will never grow old.

For their sunrise and sunsets were a much different time,
When by the tens of thousands;
They came lived and, died.

Young lives caught in a balance,
Between Heaven and, Hell;
In a place where honor and glory would cover our dead.

Each one of the fallen now, a name on The Wall,
In the order they fell;
Before you now standing tall.

So, each time you come here,
Would you fall to your knees;
And, when you rise Salute them ALL,
And, would you Touch One for me?

6 West - Line 5
Just one name you?ll see,
Long after I'm gone;
Would you go there for me?

Tell him I Loved Him
Tell them you're FREE,
Don't let them be forgotten;
Go there for me!

(Musical Interlude)

Sunrise to sunset line after line,
By the thousands they'll come to The Wall;
And, reflect on that time.

And, when the day comes
No one comes who knows them by name,
Tell them for us not one died in vain!

From East to West
For each name that you see,
Long after we're gone;
Go there for me!

Tell them We Loved Them
Tell them you're FREE!
Don't let it be forgotten,

Words and Music
Copyright October 2004

Susan D. Wiseman - " The Tribute Lady"
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