Black Hole
© 2009
Author: Dave Van Wormer
Verse 1

Set my angles, checked coordinance, power on.
Checked my eyepeice, something's missing, stars are gone.

All of these years I'd hoped not to find.
Now that a Black Hole's stuck in my mind

Verse 2

Planets crashing, systems clashing, end of time.
I can't warn them, or inform them, what a crime.

Might as well go out, enjoy the sun.
What would you do, if you knew it was done?


This old world races on, not knowing it's the last day.
If only I could be so blind, and think about it your way.

(Bill's Ultra-Hot Lead)

Verse 3

Now that you've heard this, what do you feel?
Oh, don't you worry, it isn't real(?)