The Evergreen Line
© Steve Suffet
Author: Steve Suffet
The Evergreen Line
Words & music by Steve Suffet ©

By the dim and flaring lights of a place called Wyckoff Heights,
I was born in eighteen eighty-nine,
As a boy I heard the sound of the iron drive wheels pound,
And the whistle on the Evergreen Line.

Cooper Junction is a mile straight ahead,
Bushwick Depot is a mile just behind,
In the early morning sun on a cemetery run,
Rolling down the Evergreen Line.

Old Reuben had a train, ran from Georgia to Maine,
But Reuben’s train ain’t the same as mine,
The short line in this song is just two miles long,
Rolling down the Evergreen Line. [Repeat chorus.]

First the Dutchmen came and they left behind their name,
The Germans and Swedes they came in time,
This train was nearly gone when they came here from San Juan,
A vestige of the Evergreen Line. [Repeat chorus.]

For all who paid the price, this train hauled blocks of ice,
Lumber and lead and turpentine,
It hauled away the trash, the salvage and the ash,
The payload on the Evergreen Line. [Repeat chorus.]

I recall the somber morn when I heard the mournful horn,
Blowing through the cemetery pine,
And everybody knew from the way the whistle blew,
A funeral train was coming down the line. [Repeat chorus.]

Through the buckling pavement cracks you still can see the tracks,
Of the train I knew when I was in my prime,
And when my time has come, you can bring my body home,
Rolling down the Evergreen Line. [Repeat chorus twice.]