Article of Faith
© 1999 Copyright | BMI 2008
Author: Jeff Blumer
You should know I'm a little bit old-fashioned.
(And) sometimes I'm a little off-the-wall.
There's a tendency for me to show compassion
Every time I answer to your call.

I've been meaning to reflect upon this world's condition.
Hanging out between the novel and the commonplace.
And I'm looking for the reason for a new conviction.
Every moment when I get a chance to seek Your face.

In my bones, every part of me...
Every essence that I bear;
I'm an article...
a living Article of Faith.

I keep running but the feeling isn't what I'm after.
'cause I read about the "pressing on toward the goal".
And the enemy keeps telling me <"keep going faster!">
But he's the counterfeit preserver of my soul.

Wanna know that You know me well.
And I want to know You too!
To be an article...
Your living Article of Faith!!!