Looking Out
© 1997/2000 Copyright | BMI - 12/30/2008
Author: Jeff Blumer
I see the gladness, but glimpse at the sorrow
You go mad for less and then leave it alone
I’m looking out – out at a hardened, snarled world
Hey! Don’t bump my arm while I aim this stone!

Hello. You seem so happy. (Yeah) I want to go there
Just take my hand and I’ll follow along
Hey, now! What’s the matter?! Am I not invited?
Oh, just stop your lying. I just don’t belong

BRIDGE: And though this sinner’s heart is cold
There’s a bigger part that’s dying
That’s why I’m begging to be told
What can send my spirit flying

I see your madness. Please, change it tomorrow
This cold emptiness; it fills up my soul
See this old, bitter hollow? I want to replace it
I heard I’m accepted. Don’t turn me away


CHORUS: I’m looking out; you’re looking in
What are you seeing?
I’m looking in; you’re looking out
Through those eyes
I’m looking out; you’re looking in
What are we seeing? Hey!