Tell Me Ma
When I was young I asked my dad, when I get older what will I drive?
It should have 4 wheels rather than 2, if I'm going to stay alive

So tell me ma, me ma, I don't want a Yamaha.
Me mates got a motor car, tell me ma, me ma.

When I grew up and joined a band, I asked my father "what will I play?"
I need to look special if I'm to get laid, so this is what you must say:

Tell me ma, me ma, I don't want a Yamaha,
But something built by Nava, tell me ma, me ma.

Now I have children of my own, they are so needy, time and again
It's got to be this brand or got to be that, here's what I say to them:

I'm your pa, your pa, just who do you think you are?
me cash doesn't stretch that far, don't go botherin' Ma, here's a Yamaha