Secret Chord
I've heard if I use a tuning fork
That I might sound less of a dork
Although I never thought that it was that bad
The 1st and 6th I dropped to D, the 2nd tuned to A from B
Before I knew it I was tuned to DADGAD

tuned to DADGAD, tuned to DADGAD...

A whole new set of tunes were there
Jigs and reels, seas shanties, airs
Some modern stuff but mostly it was more trad
I don’t see how it could please the Lord
There is no sodding secret chord
just finger picking melodies in DADGAD

Tunes in DADGAD, tunes in DADGAD

And so I've learned a thing or two
'Bout what I can and cannot do
But sadly my career stalled on the launch pad
There's more chance I’ll walk on the moon
Than play a moderately decent tune
I simply cannot get my head round DADGAD

around DADGAD, head round DADGAD...