If You Can
If You Can

You want a new guitar, you've been looking near and far
For an instrument that suits your style of play
You've had Gibsons in your hands, Guilds and Martins, other brands,
But you've not liked them enough to want to pay.
You have finger-picked and strummed, til your fingertips are numbed;
Looking for the guitar that would change your life,
But they all just left you scowling, have you 'eard of Rory Dowling,
May I recommend you take a trip to Fife...

If you can, you should get a Taran
And try not to worry 'bout the fact - you'll have to wait
Eleven months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours, 1 minute
Before you get a Hiscox case with your Taran in it,
It's worth scrimping and savIng, saving and scrimping
To get one of the best guitars around
You can bask in the glory of commissioning Rory
When you hear that Taran sound.