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Old vinyl recording , Jan 1975 recorded at ULTRA SONIC recording studio in Hempstead L. I. N. Y. Erik Bergstrom (bass guitar) pictured with girlfriend Connie.
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Another underground legend in the making. Independent style, independent mind, independent grind. An artist known for intense flows, strong stage presence, and is also for versatility that extends to all original musical compositions he produces hi..
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We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
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The Defective
SEETHER: "I never learned from my mistakes I guess I don't have what it takes, right? I wish that I was strong, that I could walk away All this time I've lost, I feel the cost repaid So save today, the secret's that you prayed for And wait, cause we deserve it so much more So save, the secret's that your prayed for, awake I'll see you on the other side A tortured soul have I become It keep's me safe and leaves me numb" SEETHER
my cell phone: ya know I am a hillbilly and I live way out in the wild west. anyway I went and got me a cell phone a few months back I paid for the cheapest service I could find and after the month went by it turned out I only made two phone calls on it so it cost me about ten bucks a call
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